Wedding Aid for Tall Brides

Women who are gifted with height can usually be referred to as the lucky ones. However, this does not always seem to be the case especially when they become brides. Why? This is simply because most wedding gowns are made based on the average height of most women. Thus, for tall women who are looking for gowns, they will definitely find it hard to look for that one perfect dress.

If you are one of them, here are some helpful tips in choosing the most suitable dress and accessories:

Gown style

Sheath – This refers to a garment that is fitted starting from the top to the bottom seams. This can accent your elegance and will surely show off your curves. Such a design works for both slim and fuller brides. However, for the former, vertical lines should be avoided while for the latter, horizontal borders should never be incorporated.

A-Line – With this style, your curved torso is well-formed by an hour glass figure. This looks well with women who have great upper bodies. Full Ball – This will definitely be suitable for tall women with a pear figure. This design showcases the waistline but covers the hips and rear portion therefore giving a more feminine curve in all angles.

Strapless neckline – This is suitable for women who have wide shoulders for this creates an illusion that will evenly distribute its width. Additionally, this design can lengthen torso and legs thus further narrowing the shoulders.


You also need to choose the most suitable headdress for your height. You may opt for a flowing veil to neutralise the long torso and legs. Furthermore, a simple tiara can also be pinned around your head. However, do not utilise those that are overly adorned with tiny pieces for this can create a taller figure.


For long-haired women, piled-up hair should never be used for this can surely add more inches to your height. If you are gifted with long and shiny hair, then you may just hang them loose. A French pleat would look fantastic too. Curled tips may also be used for a more romantic look.
For short haired girls, a simple flower or a piece of jewellery pinned on one side will do. Back combs will also be fantastic for those who will wear veils.

Those are some of the simple wedding fashion tips that you need to take into account for you to accent your physical assets. If you still want more fashion tips intended for tall women, then you may browse the website further.