Tips to Choose Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Women and teen girls wonder to get fabulous look for eye makeup. And it depends on you that what sort of appearance you need to get, it may include dramatic, cool or natural look. Well, smoky, sultry and flirty look is now in demand. But the complexion of your body make you choose desirable colors for eye makeup. Fair, pale and normal complexion need different sort of eye shades and the perfect use of eye shades will make you get beautiful and shimmering look and it enhance your capability to look extraordinary beautiful.

Well, mostly women focus to highlight their eyes instead of makeup. But the way to highlight eyes is not as easier as we think for. Instead of getting light makeup or eye shades you must try to highlight your eyes whether you have blue color or brown color eyes because this will enhance the beauty of your eyes. Just read the given points, if you want to get some admirable tips for blue eyes. I hope that the given tips will help you to get perfect eye makeup if you have blue eyes and fair complexion body.

Perfect Tips to Makeover Blue Eyes These tips consist of perfect base coat, different combination of eye shades, and use of pencil for lining eyelid.

Step One: For any sort of eye makeup, your eye brows should be neat and naturally shaped. Shape of eye brows should be according to the appearance which you want to get like natural, dramatic or flirty.

Base For Blue Eyes: Use of base coat is every necessary and first you must try to cover your eyes with perfect base coat. For blue eyes white creamy base coat is perfect and suitable. Avoid using powder as base, just prefer to use white cream as you want to get shiny, shimmering and glossy look of your eyes. Well, base sticks your makeup on your skin as long as you want, so that’s why it is considered as the most important part of makeup.

Choice of Eye Shades: After getting a perfect base, we wonder to get some eye shades. They may be light or dark color. Read the given points to get just right eye shades. Multiple Eye Shades: Well, if you wandering for optimum base then three colors of eye shades will enhance your look in addition to get perfect and admirable blue eye makeup. Combination of more than three colors of eye shades must avoid because this sort of eye shades will merge your eye makeup. Three Colors of Eye Shades: the colors of spectrum are considered as the perfect color for blue eyes, and those colors with violet ends are also considered as the perfect color for eye shades. Pencil for Lining Eyelid: If you want to get perfect color to line your eyelid then smoky gray color will help you to get admirable look. Just try to get sot pencils to get perfect lining.