Buying Plus-Size Bridal Shoes

While buying wedding essentials is already a known task that many women are already accustomed to, there are also other ladies who find this duty a little bit more challenging. This is especially true for girls who have particular requirements when it comes to their height. Being a tall bride with special needs is indeed a difficult matter. Luckily, there are certain methods that you can use to make your shoe shopping endeavour easier.


Prior to starting your buying spree, you have to first understand your unique needs. Be familiar of the dimensions of your own feet. For instance, the dome of your foot can be higher. Or, its width can be broader or wider than the average. You have to know what particular cut would cater to these specifications.

Size Consideration

Shoe sizing may greatly vary from one manufacturer to another. Moreover, it is not an exact science. Certain designers may only have medium, wide, or extra wide. Others may be more elaborate or detailed. To be safe, try out as many pairs as you can before purchasing. With these two concerns taken care of, you can now proceed to the following specifics.

Cute Boots

This pair is said to work well with plus-sized feet. Its prominence can be traced way back to the 1900s. Typically, this adorable and elegant masterpiece features a low but defined heel which makes it very ideal for support functions. Also referred to as “granny boots”, this will surely make a worthy purchase for your matrimony.

Easy Pumps

Another design which can fairly complement a wide foot, this is also an attractive choice for your nuptials. A salient characteristic that makes this a wise pick are its broad sides which can efficiently reinforce the comfort of the user. Prior to buying, ask for the guidance of the sales assistants.

Sexy Toes

Practically referring to sandals, these are also a great alternative that you can purchase for your wedding rites. White ones are specially recommended for a very sophisticated look. You can choose a pair which has a strap that can cater to the widest part of your foot. Now that your shoes are already covered, you can now proceed to your quest for the right wedding dress. Check out the guidelines that are showcased on this site to help you find the bridal gown that would suit your height requirements. Be sure also to read the other fashion tips featured on the pages.